Projects & Ideas

Warning Stones

Sculptural installations of languageless communication

Warning Stones is a series of sculptural “stones” set in public areas. Referencing the Czech Hunger Stones, Japanese Tsunami Stones and the proposed Long Term Nuclear Waste Warning Messages as well as common gravestones, these sculptural pieces are built to represent the lithic ways in which humanity has sent messages of warning and mourning up from the past. Using light, temporary materials, the resultant stone of these works resides in the viewer's mind as a cautionary message of the dangers human industry poses to the environment and our collective future. 

Hlör U Fang Axaxaxas Mlö

 (Project Tlon) A degradation of language inspired by Borges and powered by Python

Based on a passage from Borges' short story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, the proposed installation listens to speech in an area immediately under the device, strips all nouns and proper names from the data, then projects the words on an adjacent wall. As humanity holds the naming of things to be a factor which sets us apart from nature, the resultant text becomes a narrative of universal feeling rather than direct description. 

Villa Savoye

An architectural case study and 3D model

This case study was created as part of an architecutral drawing and modeling course. A three dimensional sketchup model as well as elevations and renderings were created starting with images of Le Corbusier's iconic structure culminating in a design presentation that included scale stylized views of the structure in both hand drawn and digital format as well as a 3D Sketchup model of both the interior and exterior of the building itself.