UX & Web Design

Crop Aware

A tool for endangered crop conservation

In this project I created a multi-platform responsive application prototype for a fictitious organization called "Crop Aware" whose mission is to protect endangered crops. The concept centered around the idea of creating both a search tool and a social media platform centered around seed saving and the sharing of information surrounding a common goal. 

A Study Partner Request Flow

For an online art school

For this project I designed and built a request flow to connect study partners with the same learning styles for an online art school. The layout of the main search results page was designed to break with the standard grid, instead embracing a circular format. Using graceful degradation, the site was also adapted to a mobile format.

404 Error Page

Designed for a piano maker's website.

This rapid development project to build a 404 error page for a piano maker's website using Art Deco styling was brought from concept to the demonstration model shown here within a sixty minte time constraint.